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Our Products

Paper Core & Tubes

Visitech Engineers manufactures paper tubes and core which are designed to meet the full range of industrial and commercial performance applications. Whether in packaging, shipping, and storage, as paper cores for foils, fabrics, or ribbons, in the decoration area or in processing as protective, insulating, or covering cores – We supply paper cores for every industry and for almost all applications. You can, of course, get our cores individually designed according to your needs: We supply paper cores with an inner diameter of 25 mm to 500 mm in almost all lengths and for almost all uses:

Paper Mill Cores

We provides a complete line of paper cores specifically designed for the exacting requirements of the pulp & paper industry, which include unbleached & bleached paperboard, printing & writing papers, tissue & toweling, newsprint, recycled paperboard, pulp and other specialty & industrial grades of paper and paperboard. Similar cores are also utilized by paper converting operations..Further Visitech provides pre-cut cores for paper mills; that delivers lower overall costs and improve mill operations through reductions in mill labor, reductions in working capital, reductions in equipment maintenance & repair and elimination of core trim waste.

Textile Tubes

Visitech provides a complete line of paper tubes and cores for all aspects of the textile industry, from the manufacture of synthetic yarn, tufted carpets, woven or knitted textiles, nonwoven goods and the dyeing and finishing of textile fabrics .Our Cloth Tubes are available in spiral-wound construction. Spiral-wound constructions provide exceptional crush strength when required due to packaging and/or handling considerations. Our carpet cores offer consistently outstanding performance; including superior beam strength with proprietary strength-enhancing adhesives at minimum core weight resulting in a reduced incidence of carpet roll damage.

Film & Flexible Packaging Cores

Visitech provides cores to manufacturers of stretch, shrink, polypropylene, metalized, PVC, polyester and other specialty films, as well as converters of flexible packaging and foils. Our Film Cores are specifically designed for each end-use application. Film cores are available with a variety of strength characteristics (flat and radial crush). Our film cores are available in parent lengths or can be precut to shorter lengths as typically used by manufacturers of all polyester/packaging film. Our experience and technological advances work together to meet the diverse core needs for all film and flexible packaging applications. The full range of core sizes and features make us an industry leader. Consistent quality, manufacturing excellence, superior customer service and our ability to meet unique needs ensure total customer satisfaction.

Tape & Label Cores

We offer a wide variety of paper tubes and cores for the tape and label industries. All orders of tape and label cores are custom made to the customer's exact specifications. Attributes of tape and label cores include: Custom logo-printed inside liners Variety of specialty outer plies Blade cut to exacting lengths Tight dimensional tolerances Elimination of trim waste Variety of packaging options, from cartons to automatic core feeders.



Quality Control



With more than 29 years of rich innovation and expertise , our competent workforce has enabled us to meet the specific requirement of our client’s spread across the Global market.

To serve our clients in the best possible manner, we nurture a separate quality control department where inspection is done at all stage of production right from the arrival of the raw material till the dispatch of finish product. Read More